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The picnic table can also be ordered in a model

Our Square Perforated Picnic Table is another one of our versatile and colorful picnic tables. The traditional square design is probably the most popular design and allows for easy entry and exit. The table will accommodate up to eight adults.

The table is designed for outdoor use in the harshest elements but other customers have found indoor applications. These tables are commonly found in outdoor parks, garden areas, outdoor restaurants, convention centers, community centers, and residential homes. The table top has a center hole for placement of an optional umbrella, which is sold separately. Umbrellas are a frequent decorative addition and they are available in black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, navy, burgundy, beige, and brown. The umbrellas are sold with a one year warranty and offer a considerable amount of shade with a seven and one half foot span.

The Square Perforated Picnic Table is constructed from heavy duty eleven gauge steel perforated with 1/2 inch holes on staggered centers one inch apart. In addition to being an attractive design, the perforated holes allow water, rain, and snow to pass through and thereby eliminate pooling. The table top and seats are made from the perforated steel while the understructure or frame is made from heavy duty tubular steel. The sides of the table top and the sides of the seats are two inches in height which gives them significant strength. All of the metal is galvanized which provides the table with the first level of protection from corrosion and rust. The table top is a square of forty six inches with rounded corners for safety. There are four seats, one on each side, and their corners are rounded as well.

There are several options available for our Square Perforated Picnic Table. A decorative look can be achieved with an umbrella which was mentioned earlier. Leg protectors are another optional feature with important benefits. These leg protectors will be located under the frame or legs of the table and will actually be making contact with the ground instead of the table legs or frame. Therefore any damage from locating or moving the table would be limited to the leg protectors. They would allow for easier portability of the table. Anti skateboard tabs are also available at a minimal cost. These tabs are very effective in protecting the picnic table and skateboarders recognize them immediately. The picnic table can also be ordered in a model with handicap access. This model will have only three seats and is sold as ADA accessible.

The Square Perforated Picnic Table has three mounting options which the customer can select. The selected mounting option will determine the type of frame and leg base of the picnic table. A portable mount is very simple in that the table rests on the surface without any mounting attachments. Therefore the table can be easily moved at any time. The table model for a portable mount weighs three hundred and ten pounds. The surface mount model has pre drilled holes in the feet of the legs. The table is then bolted into anchors which are embedded event tent suppliers in the concrete surface. The surface mount model weighs three hundred fifteen pounds. The in ground mount is suitable for tables that will be permanently located outdoors on grass or soil. This table model will have leg extensions that will be buried in wet concrete below ground level. Once the concrete has cured the table is permanently located. The in ground model weighs three hundred and twenty pounds.

The Square Perforated Picnic Table is protected by a colorful but very durable thermoplastic coating. This coating will not peel or crack and can be easily repaired if damaged. The frame or understructure is given a black powder coating. These coatings give the entire table a level of corrosion protection that will last for many years.

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