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We can make different venues work together

Such familiarity, he said, comes in handy for the success of big events such as the Advertising Congress. Additionally, it has hot springs and wellness centers in natural settings.
BAGUIO CITY Baguio City, generally regarded as the “Summer Capital” of the Philippines, may yet have another feather in its cap RP’s Convention Capital courtesy of local leaders of the travel and tourism sector. For big events, we can even act as the secretariat,” Guevara said, adding that the BCVB personnel, being homegrown, know the place like the palm of their hands, as well as the sentiments and culture of the people. If it’s a big gathering, garden umbrella wholesale we have the 3,000-seat Baguio Convention Center, or the entire Camp John Hay. “Depending on the company’s needs, we have a place to offer. The BCVB can do the negotiations. To fill up the void, the BCVB decided to launch a vigorous tourism campaign designed to encourage businessmen to hold their conventions in He said that people flock to Baguio for several other reasons. The Panagbenga, which attracts local and foreign tourists, also ushers in the Holy Week exodus of holiday-seekers trying to escape the scorching temperature in the lowlands. The decision was firmed up during a recent marketing forum spearheaded by the Manila North Tollways Corp.visitbaguiocity.

“We want all roads leading to Baguio not only during summer, but throughout the year,” said Dangal Guevara Jr.

After summer, however, tourism and other businesses generally slow down, with the slack prevalent for the greater part the year. “All they need to do is get in touch with us, and we will help them facilitate the processes.

Noting this mountain city’s consistently cool climate even as lowlanders swelter in blistering heat, Guevara said that selling Baguio as a convention center can’t be too difficult. For modest ones, we can offer the universities and hotels as venues,” Guevara said. For nature-lovers and the more adventurous souls, Baguio has enough areas for trekking and kayaking.

Guevara said corporations eyeing Baguio as a convention site should not encounter any problem about coordination.

For more information visit Baguio Convention and Visitors Bureau’s website www.

He noted that tourism in Baguio traditionally peaks in February when the Panagbenga Festival is held. We’re here to make everyone win,” Guevara said., an officer of the Baguio Conventions and Visitors Bureau (BCVB).

What makes Baguio best for conventions is that it has the facilities of both an urban center and a rural resort.

Guevara said the city has adequate facilities to host any convention, ranging from modest company meetings to industry congresses. (MNTC) in connection with the company’s “Rediscover the North,” a campaign meant to promote the tourist spots of northern Philippines. “There are many ways to package Baguio as a university city, a honeymoon haven, or a travel and adventure destination. It has restaurants that Metro Manila has.

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